SCHOCKEMOHLE Reins Durasoft Grip

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These innovative and new reins have a tear-resistant nylon core. The reins are completely lined with a sturdy webbing, including the rein loops. The quality of the core fabric is similar to the material of seat belts. The leather is durable but also exceptionally soft and smooth. Maximum grip is ensured by the combination of leather stoppers and a rubberised back. The reins are equipped with martingale stops and 16 mm wide. 

  • reins and rein loops with tear-resistant core made out of nylon
  • lined with tear-resistant webbing comparable to the quality of a seat belt
  • extra soft leather
  • incorporated stops
  • extra slip-proof
  • with rubberised bottom
  • martingale stops
  • 16mm width


Size: Full

Color: Dark Brown/Silver

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