SCHOCKEMOHLE Bridle Montreal Select

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Ready-made bridle of the "Anatomic Line - Select & Mix" – alladvantages already united in one bridle! Elegant bridle with restrainedstitching details: MONTREAL SELECT is not only a visual highlight, it alsoconvinces with functionality. The softly padded and anatomically pre-shapedEnglish noseband ensures a high wearing comfort. The narrow head piece is alsoanatomically shaped. It has a unique neck area that was especially designed forto the horse's complicated neck anatomy. The distinctive cut and the softpadding reduce the pressure in the neck significantly. The pleasantly wide cutbrowband is – just like the noseband – decorated with restrained stitchingdetails.
All parts are also available separately in the “Select & Mix”line.

  • bridle with soft, anatomically shaped, narrow, headpiece
  • no flash
  • softly padded, pre-formed, combinded noseband in anatomic shape with flashand fancy stitching
  • curved browband with stitching
  • throat lash adjustable on both sides
  • cheek pieces with hook and stud


Size: Pony

Color: Espresso/Cream/Silver

SKU 1101-00050 PONY ECS
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