Number Pin Charms

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The most polished way to secure your show number to a saddle pad or your back.  We also love to wear them on bonnets, baseball hats, and our jacket lapels! 

Smooth secure pin backs ensure the utmost comfort to your horse and the strongest hold.

Pin measures approximately 1 inch tall. 

Tired of the diaper pins and shoestring using to hold your show number on? Us too. Elevate your winning look with this finishing touch.

Worried about a pointy pin back? We would never! These pins have a secure smooth back to ensure your horse is safe and your pin is secure.

We love wearing these pin charms on saddle pads, bonnets, show jackets, baseball hats, and backpacks.

Need a gift? Say less. These pin charms are the perfect one.


Color: Shining Star

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