HAAS Diva Exclusiv Merino Lambswool on Wood Brush

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Haas Diva Exclusive Brush is a horse grooming brush you will love to use on your horse for a beautiful shine. Even plusher and more luxurious than the original Diva brush, the HAAS Diva Exclusive Brush is as good as it gets. If you're looking for a finishing brush that will give the shiniest possible polish to your horse's coat, you won't go wrong with the Diva Exclusive. And what a great gift! Luxurious lambskin panel bordered by soft horsehair. The Haas Diva Exclusive measures 200 mm x 85 mm. Made in Germany.

Haas No. 20483 Diva Exclusiv

The Diva Brush can be gently cleaned using another horsehair brush and damp sponge. If that doesn't get it clean enough, hand wash it in cold water with a wool cleaner. Not detergent, not dish soap. Do not put it in a washing machine, do not put it in a dryer. The Diva Brush must dry at room temperature out of direct sunlight. The drying process will take 2-3 days, just like your fleece show pads. Remember, lambswool has natural fat and oils that can dry out from washing. The lambswool is actually attached to the hide, so when you wash the wool you are washing the leather, too. If the lambswool eventually comes loose, use a hot glue gun to reattach.

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