1753 Julie Goodnight Cascade Crossover

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The 1753 Julie Goodnight Cascade Crossover was designed for optimum comfort, weight, and function in a trail saddle. The adjustable double billet rigging allows the included Endurance Girth to be positioned to suit each individual horse's needs. A plaited night latch is added to the swell for rider security and multiple footman’s loops give maximum flexibility when attaching gear. A pocket on the cantle includes a hoof pick, which also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver to tighten Chicago screws on your tack while on the go. Each saddle comes with an average 32" endurance neoprene girth. There's plenty of adjustment on the saddle, so it fits most all horses. 

The 1753 Cascade Crossover’s specially designed Flex2® tree has a high gullet in front and swells on the pommel — but no horn. The deep seat and swells give riders a secure feel in the saddle, while the narrow twist and close contact give exceptional comfort and allow for precise cueing.  “We cut away as much as we could from the saddle, making it one of the closest contact saddles I’ve ever ridden,” says Goodnight. “It’s the closest thing you can get to riding bareback, but still have the comfort and security of a saddle with a tree.” “Over the years I’ve had many people tell me that the weight of the saddle was their number one concern, so I wanted to design the saddle with those riders in mind,” says Goodnight. “Chucking a heavy saddle up to the back of a big horse is a challenge. With the Crossover, I can do it with one hand!”

Exclusive Cascade Crossover features include a “night latch” strap on the pommel to grab when needed, a hoof pick/screwdriver on the back of cantle with leather scabbard, and a fully tricked out design with ties, rings, and slots for tying on gear. Leather billet keepers slide down over girth-buckles to balance the rigging and prevent pinching.  “I designed this saddle for trail riders like me who want a lighter weight saddle, exceptional comfort and a high degree of functionality for the trail,” says Goodnight. “I honestly think we’ve hit a home run with this saddle! After a couple of years in design and many prototypes, I’m thrilled to see this saddle come to the market. I’ve had many riders begging for this design, who are eager to see it come out.”

Cantle Height:
Circle Y
11 inches
Seat Color:
Black Grainout
Seat Size:
Tooling Degree:
Full Border
Tooling Type:
Adjustable Double Billet
Tree Type:
Flex2® Peak Performance Endurance
Tree Fit:
Skirt Drop:
Skirt Length:
Country of Manufacture:
United States


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