Cold Water Boots

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LeMieux Cold Water Boots

Ideal for cooling legs are X Country, work or after an injury, the Cold Water boots contain unique reactive crystals that swell and retain the water when soaked. Their contoured shape is great when supporting fetlocks and tendons.

Instructions for Use:

Soak for 1+ hours before application or after long periods of storage using a bucket of cold water, adding ice when available. Keep this bucket out of direct sunlight and avoid over-soaking as crystals can swell excessively. These boots can be placed in a refrigerator but never in a freezer. Once soaked, tighten the Velcro straps firmly around the leg, starting at the top and readjust once in position. Best results found when used for several 20-30 minute sessions. Once treatment is complete leave the boot to dry prior to storage and re-soak for 2-3 hours after long periods of inactivity.
Consult a vet if symptoms persist.

Cold Water Boot Features:

  • Water reactive crystals
  • Contoured Shape
  • Velcro fastening

Color: Black

Size: Large

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