Classic Zone Suede / Felt

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For extreme competition, Zone Saddle Pads provide extreme protection against pressure
and impact. A specialized insert is filled with Zoombang™, an advanced polymer designed
to reduce impact and pressure in a unique way. Zoombang™ has been used extensively
to protect bull riders, NASCAR drivers, and professional football players with great success.
This technology is available for the equine athlete as well. Zoombang™ is a semisolid material at rest. This allows it to conform comfortably to the horse and disperse saddle pressure evenly. Using cutting edge innovations in science, Zoombang™ reacts to impact by instantly becoming rigid, dissipating pressure and protecting the horse’s back. To learn more about this leading-edge innovation in protective equipment, visit

  • Powered with a vented Zoombang™ insert that reduces injury and stress on equine athletes 
  • Breathable design remains securely in place, providing conformal layered protection
  • Covered with uniquely rich and durable suede
  • Durable orthopedic grade felt bottom absorbs moisture, remains soft and pliable, and provides excellent shock absorption
  • 1” total pad thickness

Size: 31"x32"

Color: Chocolate

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