Air Shock Open Front  Boots

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The Air-Shock Tendon Boots feature elastic hook and tab closures.

The Air Shock horse boot series is designed with an innovative, shock absorbing air cushion for maximum flexor tendon impact protection and boot comfort.  The anatomically shaped design is lightweight, and comfortable and sits perfectly positioned on the horse's leg providing advanced concussion and impact protection.  The strike area uses dual injection molding making the area stronger while flexible to soften and spread out the impact and concussion.  The airbag lays flat in the strike guard space between the inner foam lining and the outer strike guard.
• The airbag inserts reduce and spread the force of impact.  It returns to its original shape and volume after impact.
•The air cushion works as a system together with the specially shaped strike guard.  The air cushions lay flat in the strike guard space between the inner foam lining and the outer strike guard shell.
• The air cushion always remains flexible to allow for better tendon, ligament and joint movement during exercise
•The offset strike guard design is made of a harder TPU material to spread out impact force.  The raised shape is designed to flex slightly during impact to help reduce force.
• Do not absorb water for quick dry, durable and easy to clean.

Certified BASF®TPU German Quality: BASF® TPU Uses BAYER® RESIN Environmental/Green Solution Certified RoHS Compliant Certified REACH Compliant Best Quality TPU in Industry



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